Sportsman, fascinated by discoveries, avid traveller, I have had the chance to visit 20 countries around the world. In addition to France, my birth country, I have also lived in England, Canada and India. In 2012, I am about to live a new experience, travelling through out Australia for a year.

Graduated from Montpellier Business School (France) and have an International Business Management MBA from Université Laval (Canada), I am also a marketing professional with a proven track in the areas of sports, film and television.

Why "iPhoneography Oz"?

iPhoneography is the act of taking pictures with an iPhone. It is a constantly growing phenomenon thanks to the instant sharing via social networks. More and more blogs are devoted to the subject (iphoneography.com, iphoneographycentral.com, lifeinlofi.com etc.). Some, like MissPixels even use their phone for servicing their art.
Oz is the familiar nickname of Australia.

Thus, equipped with an iPhone 4S with a resolution of 8 megapixels, I tell you about my year in Australia at the rate of one picture a day. Each photo is edited directly on the phone with the Instagram application. Subsequently, they undergo no further changes prior to publication.

The project iPhoneography Oz is not a personal travel journal (even if it is an unique way for my family to follow my adventures). I imagined it as an artistic guide book. A short description accompanies each photo that is classified under one or more specific categories to facilitate browsing through the blog. All of this allows visitors to experience a preview of Australian society, through a perspective that differs from traditional guide books.

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